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    Free money



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    Free money

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    HOW REAP DOLLAR INTERNET BUSINESS to get $ from home is actually quite a lot of ways, can Forex trading or currency trading, so brokers and others. For this time I just made ​​a way yes .. that is looking for money to use blogs. Starting or initial steps are as follows. Pray first ...! Smile
    1.Set a purpose Goals are important to guide you step in choosing the type of internet business that you want. Many types of internet businesses that exist in this virtual space. You have to focus on one area of ​​business first, studied and learned later after a successful and make money you just start to learn other types of businesses.
    2. prepare capital, wherever the business name must require little or a lot of capital, as well as businesses on the internet.
    -The first is capital-equipment, a minimum you need your computer connected to the Internet either self-owned computer or through a cafe.You should be able to both Capital english (well you know ..!) Hehe ... at least read and write is important because our goal is to people overseas.
    -Capitalis is second,the ability to operate word processing program a minimum computer and browser.
    -Capital is the third,you must have an account at a bank, it helps to smooth the payment if it is done through a bank and as a condition for redemption checks from abroad. Even better if you have a credit card.
    -Capital is the fourth-mental, a businessmen are those who play with the risks and uncertainties for the management of mental and patience required in the conduct of a business.
    Internet business too, we will be faced with many challenges and not directly so as we imagined, and all need a process. If those things you already have the next step is: Creating a website or blog

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