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    best demat account



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    best demat account

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    best demat accounts and depositories Shares can be held in 2 forms – In the form of physical paper certificates or in the electronic i.e. dematerialized form. now only shares in it form (demat stands for dematerialized) can be traded in the stock exchanges. So now practically all shares are kept in it form. (Stock exchanges allow limited trading of shares in the physical form. Only orders of size less than 500 shares are allowed. This limited trading of physical shares is allowed to give small investors having physical shares an exit route.) All of us 5 be having bank accounts where we keep our money. In the same way we need another kind of account where we can keep our shares in demat form. This type of account is called as demat account it is Not required to own shares in physical paper certificate form. Banks provide the public with the facility to open and maintain bank accounts. In the same way the Depositories provide the facility to open and maintain account in. India has 2 depositories, NSDL and CDSL. The following table has a comparison of them. Niort, France

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